Theta S now shuts down when plugged in. :/

was wondering if anyone had this problem before… I’ve got a ThetaS filming a 4k timelapse 24/7. Its been fine for the last few weeks but today I restarted it and went to plug it in and a red light came on and it shut down. I’ve seen this before when it’s been connected to a too powerful charging source but this charger hasn’t changed : I’ve been using it for weeks with no problem. Has anyone else had this problem? is it a firmware bug?

if you use the USB cable that came with the THETA there should be no trouble
some have had problems charging with USB3 cables
it is not a known firmware bug!

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As mentioned, its a set up that previously worked.

What seems to be the issue is that for my Theta S the tripod screw thread has cracked. I think plugging in the tripod and the usb occasionally causes something inside the camera to connect wrongly and shuts the camera down.

As you say, not a firmware bug! sorry for the wasted post!

Try contacting the store you bought the camera from and ask about a warranty. They may give you a discount on repair.

There are many options for adapters. You can try and see if a different adapter will take the pressure off.

If you have exhausted all other options, you can VOID YOUR WARRANTY and take the camera apart.

Tear down guide:

Verify you have SleepDelay

USB: Notice of website closure

WiFi: Notice of website closure

and offDelay set up

If using USB API, check out this:

This person has had the timelapse running for 1 month non-stop unattended operation

Also, looking at the picture of the battery in relation to the tripod screw, try to not screw the tripod into the theta as deeply. maybe the screw is in so deep that it is pushing the battery away from the contacts?