A 360 visit on the Graphic Museum in Helsingborg Sweden

Sadly Mozilla Firefox are not longer stable playing 360 content but try the Chrome Browser it functions :wink:

You Guys do not seem to read PM :thinking:

Regards Svendus

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@Svendus I read my PMs! Cool “360 visit” to the Graphic Museum. The embedded 2D videos are interesting, too. That “Intertype” machine - with the guy with the beard operating it - is INCREDIBLE!

So are you saying that you were doing HEVC video with Google Street View with a THETA V? I thought you didn’t have one?

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@jcasman no Jesse i only have A THETA S but Pano2vr do sadly not play H265 HEVC and dewellopers do no seem to care :nauseated_face:


@jcasman this was a bike for @craig.