Virtual tour shot from a Motorcycle

It was Ages ago we wrote here
i hope You excuse me for experimenting with other cameras than RICOH THETA :3theta_s:
but this might be interesting for THETA users as well :grinning:

A Small test With Garmin VIRB image Time-Lapse in Pano2VR Beta 6 shot from the motorbike with 30 sec interval
it should be manual with a Bluetooth shooter in the finished tour.


Another Google Maps Pano2VR beta 6 test with a Xiaomi Mijia MI SPHERE camera i Think the results are far better Photo Quality than the last one done with The Garmin VIRB 360
The MI SPHERE do not have a inbuilt Compass so the North must be sett manually in Pano2VR
The GPS info are picked from the iPhone sitting in front of the motorbike and become quite exact


Regards Svendus

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Warning :smile: with the new THETA X i think i will soon be Back

Do the current cameras you use have video to virtual tour capability with frame extraction? Or, are you using still images for all the virtual tours in 2022?

sadly not the tours are tests and the images are computer stritched
in 32megapixel 8000x4000 you cannot shoot blue line with these cameras

thank you for this information.

Is there a 360 camera on the market that can take low fps video (around 2 fps for walking, or 5fps, 10fps for driving) at approximately 32megapixel 8000x4000 to get the same results in blue line video shooting as the examples you provided?

From your motorcycle, what is the best framerate for the video?

When shooting from a mowing vehicle
you need high frame rate i normally shoot 50fps
check third Panorama to see the camera mount and the video projector in the last Panorama on this link

Sweden 360 tour

for lower frame-rate walking i think you have to use intervall or timelapse
3 sec are the lowest on most cameras,
but on a good editing software you can go to lower frame-rate from a 30p video if you want

I am GSV trusted @level 8 and allowed to shoot blue line on google maps but i do not have a camera that are able to do this
sadly the THETA X are rather expensive here even more expensive than the Z1 :nauseated_face:

what framerate do you need for video frame to still image extraction when riding around town for streetview blue lines?

I have not shot blue lines yet do to lack of a compatible 360 camera :nauseated_face:
i think this link will answer your question
Regards Svendus

It looks like 30mph is 5fps and 45mph is 7fps.

  • Under 5 mph or 8 kmh when capturing at 1fps
  • Under 30 mph or 45 kmh when capturing at 5fps
  • Under 45 mph or 70 kmh when capturing at 7fps

Can the THETA X do this :question:
can you see this link below :question:

thanks for sharing that link to the article about making blue lines with the THETA V in 2018.

  1. I was driving at about 20-30km per hour. It’s a housing neighborhood. From what I can see, I am getting about 1.5 meters per panorama. Which is very high density and tight capture, which is good.


Navigation and connection is quite accurate (picture below)

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A little bit more information here:

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Thank You @craig very interesting you should try to do a blue line on GSV where you live

Wow, that video is amazing. The team that made that very has some skills. incredible.

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Yes thees Russian guys are rather skillful filming 360 from the sky i also have a small drone and it is fantastic to shoot 360 high resolution photos with it :+1:

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