Musicians on Mikaeli Market

Musicians on Mikaeli Market at Fredriksdal Helsingborg
recorded with a THETA S

That’s some pretty awesome weather and music. Thanks for sharing it.

Check this Little Planet Video from the market day
2048 x1100 9628 kbit/s 30 frames/sec.
Using a cheap 6 meter telescopic fishing rod as monopode
The THETA S levels the Video automatically
watch the shadow on the ground :grin:
the camera villl always stay in center even when You swing it around with 3 meter radio


Had a hard time telling whether it was a pole or a drone. The height actually felt like a drone, but the good audio (no propeller noises) and the lack of reactions from people walking by convinced me it was a pole. Oh, plus you said that’s what you used. :slight_smile: Nice touch adding the :theta: icon to the video.

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Do you use that 6 meter pole for trout fishing as well? What do you catch with it?

It is the magic of RICOH THETA S :grinning: the video are always very sharp in the middle,

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I watched the YouTube version, too. This is so fantastic. I was transported to Sweden for a full 5 minutes! The organ grinder with the parrot is hilarious. @svendus you are awesome! You are looking very relaxed with your fishing rod and RICOH gear.

What a pleasant scene. One thing I notice about 360 picture-taking is that people are less aware of it, so it makes it feel like you have just jumped in the middle and are looking around unnoticed. Instead of everyone freezing and posing.

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:grinning: yes you are right, they think the THETA are a microphone and we get a good chance shooting them

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Vimeo alow better Quality but do not support 360 video at the moment

Mikaeli Marknad a multi resolution THETA S Virtual Tour !
Click the Map icon if you want to travel on your own :slight_smile:

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This thread has turned into a really nice overview of some of the options for building a video virtual tour: YouTube, Tine Planet, Vimeo, your own tour. Very interesting!

We found a simple Googlemaps solution
so now a big GoogleMap works on every screen resolution and Smart Phones as well
the the virtual tour panoramas has flash fallback (playes on most old browsers with no HTML5 support)

it have direct node? example organ grinder with the parrot:

Just change the #node + nr 0-40 (there are 40 images in the tour)
in the end off the link
and you go direct to the image you want

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Pano2VR5.1 is out now great news are it supports Equiangular video

Right click the video and play with the settings
Stereographic projection Zoom out and drag 45 degree with the mouse :grinning: to make a little planet

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Experimenting with Theta 360 Video shows that the Theta S video are not streaming well do to its size

the video in this tread were

790 MB (828 495 950 byte) 22565 kbit/s
Edited in Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 (64-bit)
it runs nicely on a lover internet connection

239 MB (251 199 832 byte) 6749 kbit/s

here are the settings 8 000 000 bps.

MP4 video com primates well and the quality are not visible better in 22565 kbit/s
the trouble only becomes that the video is buffering all times on a low connection.