4K from THETA S

Screen capture from a MacBook Pro late 2013 with Retina screen 3838x2400

THETA S Panorama Link
The image are not edited in PhotoShop the stand or tripod are a magic wand
the THETA S disappear completely

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Beautiful. Wish my office looked like that. Do you do the woodworking yourself? I noticed that you had quite a bit of equipment in your workshop. I’m envious.

Real estate agents would benefit from a way to more easily navigate between the video and spheres. It’s a cool technique to take a screen capture of the still image during rotation.

do not :grin: it is hard work building the machines our self

Amazing! There’s a need for this type of mini-mill in California.

Click here to se how krpano works on a Mac

Krpano works with droplets and are easy to use

You can also create Your own droplets in Pano2VR5.02

Here are a small Screen cast on Creating a Droplet in Pano2VR5

Regards Svendus

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