Align photo viewing angle in 360 degrees.

Hello folks.
I’m new here and I hope you can help me. I’m Jens. I’ve been taking 360 degree photos for 2 years. Currently with the Theta Z1.

My problem. I use Facebook as a website to introduce myself and my photos. Facebook can display 360 degree photos. In the 360 ​​degree viewer, a section is displayed that shows the standard viewing angle. However, I would like the other side of the image to be displayed in the player at startup. How can I adjust the default viewing direction of my 360 degree images? I hope you understand what I mean. I use Google Translate to write this. Thank You.

PtguGui can do this loading the image pressing shift and drag to the site and save😉
but another 360 affordable application that do this with ease are Affinity Photo

Many thanks for the help. I have the Affinity Photo tool on my Mac. Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to use the tool properly. :sweat_smile: I will have to practice more with the software.:wink: Thanks

All Right good go to number 6 in the Screecast
all right it is about changing the sky on a 200 megapixel drone panorama check this link:

Direct link: