Removing tripod in Affinity Photo

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Watch this small screen cast on how to remove the tripod and THETA red spot lens flare in Affinity Photo

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The tip on using Mozilla Firefox Video DownloadHelper (at 0:40) to grab 360 images off of is really useful. I hadn’t done this before.

Indeed, I also wasn’t aware of this feature (or is it a bug? :wink: ) of the Video DownloadHelper.
But be aware that it only downloads a highly compressed version of the image file.
If you want to download the original image file, look at the page’s source code for two hidden input elements with a name starting with ‘equirectangular’, and you’ll find the URLs of the original image file and the more compressed version.

As an example take this from the gallery:

In the HTML source you can find these two lines:

The first points to the original image file:
The second points to the more compressed version:


Oh, cool tip! So it appears that I can just find the original file by viewing source and don’t need any Firefox plugins. I took a look at the sample from Yasuaki Kagii that you posted here and download both the original and the compressed version. Are they different? I can’t really see a difference in resolution. Do I need new glasses?

The resolution of the two versions is the same but the size is different as the JPEG compression is different. Depending on the subject, it should require a closer inspection to actually see differences with the naked eye.

Another difference is that in the “web optimized” version the meta data has been removed:

Note that the original version even has the GPS coordinates included, so you can find out where the image has been taken. I guess that many users posting to are not aware of this potential privacy issue.

Hi Guys we have gone totally OT (Off Topic)

the tread is about

we was to download an image, because we rarely use this kind of tripod
and the downloaded files were well and good for the test

Photosphere 2,4MB

Video (without 360° Spatial Audio) 31, 3 MB -MKV

so please back on the track
Thank You Svendus.

Yes, sorry, I was getting off-topic again … :wink:

Trying to get back to the original topic: It seems that Affinity Photo is a really clever solution for retouching 360° images.
I’m usually using the combination of PTGui/Lightroom/Photoshop for processing my images but compared to Affinity Photo the workflow for fixing the typical 360° issues such as the tripod or the lens flare is very cumbersome.

It is All Right @CorLeone we are all technical :rofl:

Check the image on this projector link and play video inside the panorama
RICOH THETA V - 4K & 360° Spatial Audio Sample (Waterfall)
by finding the small projector in the panorama on the water surface and click on it, the image are now
9,93 MB (10 417 140 byte)

The red sun lens flare the CA and tripod are easy to remove on photospheres
but on Video it is rather troublesome :cry:
i think the best way are always to shoot in the shadow