Compatibility between SC and SC2 APIs

Hello. We want to build an integration for the Theta SC2 camera. We might have our hands on the older SC model. Can we use it for development for what would be rolled out later for use with SC2’s? Or the API differs between the two models?

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The API is slightly different

For the SC, you will need to specify the sessionId.

You can check the API version of the camera with state.

Your mobile app will need to first read in the state and then adjust the commands if it is _apiVersion 2 (SC2) or _apiVersion 1 (SC).

The SC does not have an OLED screen or presets.

The basic commands such as take picture are the same.


the method to get the image from the camera to your mobile app is different, but it is straightforward.
SC2: it is a GET command to the fileUri, which you can get from listFiles or state (for the last image)

Additional information.

Protocol specification for models:

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Clear. Thank you very much for the support.

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