Anyone using Cloud Sync for THETA X?

Noticed this after updating my THETA X firmware from 2.21.0 to 2.30.0. It might have been there earlier.

I found information on RICOH360 Cloud here.

It’s says:

RICOH360 Cloud is a function that automatically uploads the in-camera images of the RICOH THETA unit to a dedicated cloud storage.

This currently supports THETA X, Z1.

Dedicated storage for the RICOH THETA becomes available with a paid subscription when you register for RICOH360 Cloud.

If you’re using this, I’d be interested how you set it up and what you’re using it for. I intend to test it soon myself, but I’m looking for any context from anyone who already has experience.

Is the backend different from the cloud sync you described in this article?

Maybe you just need to use the RICOH360 app, register your THETA X with the RICOH cloud, then set the camera to automatically upload the images using the RICOH360 app.

I’m just guessing based on the features of RICOH360 Cloud that were explained in the article that you wrote.