Testing RICOH360 app

Basic tests of RICOH360 app

I have done some basic tests with the RICOH360 app. If you are using it and have details to add, please do so. I am simply sharing information.

On September 12, 2023 (Tue.), Ricoh will begin providing the app of RICOH360 which is a service that optimizes business and improves productivity. This service seamlessly links the 360-degree camera RICOH THETA with software and cloud services to provide new value to business sites using 360-degree data.

Announcement here: Ricoh to begin providing the “RICOH360 app” for a cross-industry 360 platform service that optimizes business and improves productivity - トピックス(米国)

Main observations

  • Very nicely integrated with THETA X
    • Integrates with X, Z1, SC2, SC2B, and V
  • Finds X, checks firmware version
    • Firmware update possible through app, appears to be the same sequence at the official RICOH THETA app (mobile update)
  • Connects to local network
  • Registers X through cloud

Note: The announcement indicates that “functions that use Ricoh’s image processing technology, such as AI image correction and AI human blurring, are also available for effective use of 360-degree images.” I tested the AI human blurring. It found not only me, but a face from a video conference on a nearby screen and nicely blurred both. Example here:

Screenshots from the setup, showing how it connects to the THETA and to the local network, all integrated well.





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Did you use an iPhone? I had some problems with Android, Google Pixel 4a.

Yes, iPhone 12, running iOS 16.1.1. RICOH360 app version 1.2.3. THETA X firmware version 2.21.0.

Using Google Pixel 4a, I could not upload the image. I tried on X, V, SC2.