Ask about connect with Server and new IP


I have a question when I want Connect THETA Camera with router in Client mode I Make new access point and I put Wifi Name and Wifi Password for my router .

but my Question is:

if I want with server Connect should I make also Access point for server ? and if I can do that with Access point What i should write in Access point? which information from Server?

and another question:

always when i make new connect with camera client mode. IP for camera Always changing how I can make my application auto new IP detect

for example the official application can by self detecting to know
new IP

usually I make this link for example to connect camera :

but if i want make my application new IP self detecting… is there other linke to connection for example or How?

thanks so much

Either assign static IP address to the camera using the USB or wifi api or use discovery to find the IP address of the camera. See example for zeroconf.

another question: When I want Connect with bluetooth

Is there UUID specific? or any thing normal Random UUID is working??

For bluetooth, you need to find the UUID with Service Discovery Protocol.