Automobile Dealer Market Opportunities for RICOH THETA Developers

You’re a true Renaissance Man, Svendus! Knowledge of so many fields! :slight_smile:

No sir the Volkswagen site are Flash with HTML5 option in a lot of frames so you docent get the code, we just asked SIRI in the electric car itself

what they docent know on VW are that Adobe Flash are dying and soon no browser can display it any longer
it Should be HTML5 with Flash fallback

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You are very funny, Svendus! :3theta_s:

sorry @jcasman cant be serous

the reparation of the roof in the VW are called Blurred Cover

Wow, nice sleuthing, Svendus!

I was on the CarMax site and it looks like almost all the cars are featured with a RICOH THETA image for the interior view of the car.

Example of embedded image of car interior

Example of button to open 360 view of interior of car

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