Both USB and Wifi (not at the same time) on the Theta V

I use theta V in Wifi for my robotic platform and I have some problems with this solution
(see the previous article : Industrial Robot Uses RICOH THETA 360° Live Video To Inspect Tight Places)

  • Battery life in not enough, Theta has to be plugged
  • I want to limit to opening of the enclosure, in order to prevent fogging (I add silicate in the enclosure)
  • Power it off is not possible, or only after a delay
  • Theta is in client mode but after a certain time (when the AP network is not detected), it switch back to AP mode and I need to press the Wifi button.
  • Data transfert is very slow with Wifi (2.4 Ghz), maybe because of the Raspberry Pi Wifi

I found a solution with this product

Raspberry Pi is connected on the port 1 and nothing is connected on the port 2.

Now I have to open the switch and find a way to change port without touching the button (with relay or something like that).Write USB part of the software (power on and off, force client mode, copy files)
If i success I will post the method

For people who knows plug-ins (I know java but newer develop android apps), Is it possible to record and liveview at the same time (even is the quality is not optimal) ?
For now when the robots go forward Theta record a video and when it go backward It livestreams the video


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Currently, the Live View in the plug-in does not save to file.

There is a good example of wireless live streaming to an RTMP server here.

The mCamera.setPreviewTexture method is part of the Android Camera API.

There may be way to save this to file.