brightness adjusting in streaming mode

It seems like white blance is an image-mode-specific config, so I wonder is there any way to change the brightness from theta in living mode?

I do not think you can change the brightness of the live stream if you stream over the USB cable on a Windows or Mac. You may be able to change the brightness on Linux if you are building a research prototype.

libuvc: Video capture and processing controls

You can adjust the brightness of the livePreview by lowering the exposure.

Theta Z1 not update preview brackets - #9 by craig

Hi @craig , thanks for your sharing.

Unfortunately, I did not make it through libuvc. uvc_get_exposure_abs, uvc_get_exposure_rel, uvc_get_brightness always give a failure return. uvc_set_ae_mode returns a UVC_SUCCESS, but it seems to do nothing for exposure(no matter it is in manual mode or auto-exposure). :cry: