How can I set the default mode of Theta V to live streaming?

I need to use the Theta V in 4k live streaming mode through USB. However, I want to set the default mode to live, instead of camera (whenever it boots). I tried to use ptpcamgui with Windows 10, to see if I could change, but ptpcam could not connect to the camera.
Is there any other way to get this done?

Was wondering if and Android service could set the RIC_SHOOTING_MODE, but ended up with deprecated errors with API level 25

Any thoughts to accomplish?

I don’t think you can get the default mode to be 4K live streaming through USB.

If you use the plug-in, you can’t stream through USB. If you boot into normal mode, you will need to press the mode button to put the camera into live streaming mode.

The API documentation indicates that there is no way to do this automatically: