CameraAPI usage with Z1

I’m trying to use the CameraAPI with the Z1 camera.
I’ve tried running the sample plugin from here: and when running I get the following failure: “W/CameraBase: An error occurred while connecting to camera 0: Service not available”.
When trying to just copy the camera open function to the other sdk sample plugin project I get the same error.

According to this page: I see that the camera technically supports the api.
I also saw that in the CameraAPI sample repo that is a PR from about 2 weeks ago to add support for the Z1 and it seems that some commits were already made and merged to add the support.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Appears to work in my tests. Please post more info so we can help debug your issue.

Are you using Vysor or equivalent to set the permissions?

Android Studio Info


Confirming Image Was Saved

Date/time and name matches expected behavior from plug-in

Testing Debug Info Inside of Android Studio with logcat

Thanks for the response.
Giving permissions using Vysor did solve the problem.

My main goal it to be able to shoot in a rate of 2 frames a second.
I saw this topic: Idea for Yoann Tronique Z1 Interval plug-in I realized I won’t get the solution from there - unless you think otherwise?

Later I found this repo: but it seems to not fully work with the Z1, do you think it will be ported like some other repos?

What do you think is the best way for me the get photos/video in a rate of 2 fps?

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Do you need to take RAW/DNG images at 2 frames a second? Or, can you use the Z1 JPEG, which is a nice, high resolution?

Does your application allow you to take video (which will be at lower resolution) and then extract the frames as images? This is what most companies are doing.

If you search on this forum for 5.4K video for THETA V, you will see that Google somehow is extracting full-resolution images from special video using their Streetview App. Although this capability is not open to us normal developers, you can try and use the 4K video to extract the frames.

Street View 5.4K video and EV Setting

I haven’t looked at the code in a while, but I remember that there was some lower limit for the framerate. You can try and modify the Z1 plug-in code and reduce the framerate until it fails.

Can you provide more information on what your application does?

Is it for timelapse or to to capture changes to a physical space such as a construction site over time?