How to maximize speed of high resolution images?

I am working on a Theta V/Z1 plugin to capture images at about 2 fps with as much resolution as I can get. Dual-fisheye or equirectangular images will work. I have done some experimentation using the Android Camera API with both photo mode and video mode, making use of the codetricity sample projects.

In photo mode, with stitching disabled, my Theta V records 5792x2896 dual-fisheye images at about 0.9 fps.

In video mode, my device records 3840x1920 video at 2fps.

  1. My main question is just if anyone can say if I’m missing some sneaky way to increase video resolution, or alternatively, take photos at a faster rate. I thought that maybe by reducing the framerate/bitrate, it might be possible to increase some of the other parameters, but I haven’t found a way that works.

  2. Does anyone know if these numbers are likely to change, one way or another, with the Z1?

Thank you!