Ricoh Theta X interval shooting: interval of 1 sec instead of 6?

On the Theta X itself there is an option for interval shooting, with the minimum interval being 6 seconds. It would be really useful to have a smaller 1 second interval for photogrammetry purposes. Is there a plugin for Theta X which currently supports this? Is it otherwise an option which could be considered as part of the regular Ricoh Theta X funtionality? Any pointers are much appreciated!

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video frame extraction at 8K is possible and looks good. Do you need the full 11K?

You can take the the 11K shot at roughly 3.5 second intervals (I think).

Seems like video would be the best solution, right?

Please provide more info on your requirements.

Craig, thank you for the fast reply and for pointing out the 8K extraction feature. The requirements are to obtain 11K photo´s at the lowest rate possible such as to reduce file size. The reason is photogrammetric reconstruction of mostly unfurnished building interiors. These have little texture detail, meaning we need all the resolution we can get in order to improve reconstruction quality. Using markers to support the process is not feasible as it is too time intensive for our intended users. Is 11K at a lower FPS a technical possibility, or is a 1 second (or as low as it could be without the camera overheating) interval shooting option perhaps an alternative solution? I highly appreciate your time for this.

The 3 second time between shots is due to stitching. If you use the plug-in technology and the CameraAPI, you can theoretically take full 11K still images faster in dual-fisheye.

Do you need the images in equirectangular for the photogrammetry?

I have not tested X with the CameraAPI using unstitched images.

A while ago, we could take images with the V at 1 per second.

If you scroll down, you can see some implementation details.

How many shots do you need to take?

There is something like burst capability that will take 8 shots in a row.

This is new in the X. I have not tested it. I think it takes 8 shots in a single second. It’s kind of like a motion capture. I think.

Dear Craig, thank you for the reply.

Double fisheye would be fine, we have ptgui which should be able to stitch it afterwards before importing the images into the photogrammetry software. Shots of the interior of a whole large-scale building need to be made, meaning several hundred images in total. Indeed burst mode on the X instantly takes 8 shots in a row, this is a bit different from our use case where we need many images taken from different spatial positions.

I do not have the possibility currently to program the camera using the API I´m afraid. Even an interval shooting mode with an interval of 3 instead of 6 seconds (allowing for stitching time) would already be very helpful. I searched for partner plug-ins in the store on the X to see if they could provide a solution, but those seem to be non-existent at the moment (as the camera is so new?).

The THETA X is quite new and the plug-ins need to be updated to support the X. It will take time. The plug-in is easy to build.

How many shots do you need to take in sequence and do the image settings need to be changed between shots?

Thank you, I really appreciate your swift replies. I fully understand that it takes time to update the plug-ins. If there is a tutorial to build a plug-in I would be glad to receive it. Regarding the number of photo´s in sequence: for a large room I would think 20-30 photo´s at a time to ensure sufficient overlap. There is no need to change the settings between shots.

Some things still need to be updated.

How to Develop

I will try to make a tutorial in the near future with disabled stitching.