Can anyone tell me what is causing this blue line and distortion to appear?

I’m not in possession of the camera myself, but I believe it’s a Theta V or Z1. Has this same mark throughout every image of the property it was taken at.

try turn off “camera visibility reduction” in the app.

If it is only at the bottom of the mage, you can use a nadir patch at the bottom to hide the tripod.

Hello and thank you for your response! So we found out what the culprit is and likely this would have been a tricky one for anyone to guess - apparently the owner had a silicon case for the theta that was partially showing towards the lens. Once the case came off, it looks like the issue went away! Thank you for your help!

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thanks for reporting back.

I didn’t even know these cases existed. I was curious, so I searched on the web.

Maybe it was something like these: