Photos clicked from Theta V showing a purple line at the edges?

While clicking the 360 deg pictures using default settings, I see a purple line at some edges (encircled in red color)

? i heard somewhere about that as well. am i doing something wrong or are the settings wrong or am i holding the camera wrong? Whats going wrong, not able to figure out. Attaching the pictures. Thanks in advance for the help.


Vikas Mehta

Theta V 01

That’s called ‘chromatic aberration’ and is normal in super wide ankle lenses (the lower the quality the more you might have it). A good part of it can be removed in post though. Good luck.


Thanks Encik. I guess this phenomena should be then with most of the sub $500 360 cameras or is limited to the lenses of Theta Series by Ricoh? I have been successfully able to get rid of it in Lightroom CC partially.

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Chromatic aberration will happen on any quality** of camera / lens. It tends to happen most at sharp differentiations between light and darker colours.

  • *I say almost as if you could make the perfect lens/camera combo then theoretically you could eliminate it.

What firmware are you using?

Purple fringing was reduced in v 1.20.1

@craig The Firmware is 3.21.1 and I guess thats the latest. The Camera was only recently purchased a month and a half back.



Is the effect reduced if you position the thin edge of the camera toward the bright side of the light?

You may have to use lightroom to eliminate it. Other people may have tips to reduce the effect of the chromatic aberration. You probably can’t eliminate it with the camera, but there may be techniques to reduce it.

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@Craig I tried with the below 2 angles of camera. The one with the thin edge towards the brighter side resulted in a darker fringe. but the same was there in both the cases.

![IMG_4819|375x500, 50%](upload://2H