Can you comment on my video - is this the top quality available?

Hi all,

My Theta Z1 looks lovely and works well I was just curious to see if this is the best quality I can get out of it on Youtube?

I am hoping to make videos to teach 3D printing, and 360 would be a great asset, if I can get it to be sharp enough.

Please see Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu - Pikku enkeli - YouTube and tell me if there are some settings I can adjust to make the picture even sharper.

Thank you!

@HeikkiH ,
Thanks for sharing! I would suggest you to try recording or streaming directly to youtube with my plugin “HDR wireless live streaming”. It can record in HDR preview but also to save into H.265 encoding, and there is no limitation on video length. 4-5 hours long recordings reported to me. Im currently workimg even on an advanced plugin update. It’s not only for live streaming, but it can record much better dynamic range compared to inbuilt recorder. Need to add spatial metadata for now afterwards into mp4 file, before uploading to youtube.

@HeikkiH ,
Did you share the correct url? Or this is the video you were referring to: How to use RepetierHost and the Colido DIY Printer, 360 degree video - YouTube

This is what I see at the link above. Maybe you posted the wrong link?

The video quality here is what I expect from a 4K video. For video to file, you can try the X at 5.7K or a lower framerate at 8K.