Z1 Is pretty blurry

I am testing my new Z1, and I have a video that turned out quite blurry, I have uploaded to Vimeo, and included a link to video on my server. I also have a still shot that looks terrible. I have settings set to 4K video, and high resolution image, but this is not the quality i was hoping for. I am sure I am missing something. Can anyone help me?
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/489486872
Video on my server: https://www.bddroneworks.com/extra/vid.MP4
Photo on my server: https://www.bddroneworks.com/extra/PIC.JPG

The Z1 only uses 3840x1920 pixels for video which is less than 4K and even less than UHD.
And this is for the full sphere 360x180°! In your video, only a small excerpt of this image area is shown. So, it’s no surprise that it looks blurry.

In general, I would not recommend the Z1 for video. Resolution and bit rate are simply too low.
Other, even cheaper cameras can do better.

You photo looks typical, nothing fundamentally wrong.
However, it suffers from noise and JPEG compression artifacts. You can improve results by shooting with a low ISO value and doing proper raw processing.
The in-camera JPEG should be considered as a preview only, and not be used as the actual result.
The Z1’s strength is the quality of the still images you can get from the DNG files.

As the previous comment said, 3940x1920 is not even UHD. I don’t think it’s not a good choice to make a 360 video with a camera resolution of less than 4K. I once made a video for this employee monitoring software site and had to redo whole work again,because of the low resolution.