Theta X1 HDR Video

In the past we used the Theta V to make virtual tour video’s of our listings and we just upgraded to the Theta Z1.

The pictures were wonderfull but the video quality is terrible compared to the Theta V.
The video quality is extremly dark doesnt adjust wel to diffrent lighting settings walking true a house…

There also doesnt seem to be a option to shoot in HDR to fix it??

I don’t understand how a camera that cost 4x more can be worse… so i must be missing something or doing something wrong here…?

Does anyone know a solution.

You can set EV compensation on the video to lighten it at time of shoot.

Do you have a Z1 or an X?

Hi @gz_n ,
I developed a plugin that can record higher quality HDR video’s and do live streaming of it too. Best quality is if it’s recorded in dual fisheye mode and stitched by a professional software as Theta default app can’t stich these, also stabilization should could be applied in some of these tools. Also video can be stitched in camera during capture, but stitching isn’t perfect in that case. Let me know if you are interested to participate in alpha testing of the plugin, you need a developer enabled Z1 and to be able to install an APK, I can guide you on that if needed.

Look at this early live stream test, imagine this stabilized and video bitrate set instead of 18-20mbps to 30-50mbps and encoding to h.265. Would look superb. I was mainly focusing on live streaming at that time, but recently I implemented recording to mp4 too. Using the same quality preview of camera.

So there is a solution. Z1 is a good quality hardware, but it’s missing some advanced software support…


Hi Craig,

That doesn’t seem to help and when you walk true a propperty the lighting situation changes from room to room from light to dark etc. so even if the EV adjustment would works as soon as you walk into a light room or the yard it would be over exposed. :frowning:

The thing i don’t get is that Theta V had no issues with this we made many and many 360 walktrue virtual tours and now we switched to a more expensive version that should be the best availible and its not possible anymore :frowning:

Tnks for your respons wonder how it does it switching lighting situations as there are when you walk true a propperty and from inside to for example the yard and back.

Would be a good solution only worry a litle bit about the extra time and work for stiching etc. havn’t done that befor.

as you sad its a wonderfull piece of hardware but the thing that i don’t get is it worked perfectly fine in the Theta v app with the so call’d best version its not availible anymore…

Save as with the theta x i try’d that befor the Z1 when you want to shoot multi bracketed pictures you dont get a preview of your settings so you basicly need to gamble on your multiple bracketed settings.
So have that perfectly working in 1 version and remove it in the other more expensive camera :cold_face:

really thinking of returning the Z1 and get a theta V back or a diffrent brand that doesnt have these issues, the 360 pictures wil propparbly be of litle less quality again but atleast it can then do all :frowning:

Was there a setting in the THETA V to take HDR video?

Please list the firmware version you are using with the X or Z1. You can get the firmware version with the desktop app.

Download | RICOH THETA


Yes, it must be disturbing when something doesn’t work as before… :frowning:

Could you please share with me any such walkthrough videos you did with V to see quality and compare? With my plugin can do stitching too in camera…


Can you get better video light/dark HDR video files with your plug-in than with the standard RICOH THETA Z1 video file?

You should update your plug-in in the store so a wider group of people can test it with the existing interesting feature set. :slight_smile:

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@craig , I really like your idea! :slight_smile:

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Your plug-in has come so far. You should update it in the store!


Your fan base is waiting!