Cannot Live Stream through USB to PC (OBS) with windows 11

My RICOH THATA UVC Driver version is 3.0.0.

My OS is Windows 11

My Ricoh Z firmware is 3.10.2

So everything is up to date. But I cannot live stream from the camera to PC through USB.

Can anybody help me?

The same camera and same driver works on my other machine with Windows 10.

I have it working on Windows 11 22H2 with OBS 30.0.2 and RICOH THETA UVC 3.0.0.

Try flipping the Device between different cameras in the OBS interface. Often the video stream won’t appear for me unless I select a different camera in OBS first, then go back to RICOH THETA UVC device.




I also have it working on VLC

Thanks for your reply.

My Windows is 11 pro 23H2.
My OBS and UVC versions are the same as yours.
What is your Camera’s firmware version? Mine is 3.10.2 which is the latest.

My firmware is 3.10.2


  • try a different USB cable
  • try a different USB port on your computer
  • as a test, try a different computer
  • set up OBS to use the webcam on your local computer, then when it is running, flip to the RICOH THETA UVC device using the OBS dropdown menu in the OBS settings
  • try xsplit or wirecast free demos if available
  • uninstall and then reinstall RICOH THETA UVC
  • reboot computer
  • temporarily disable anti-virus scanning
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