Comparing listFiles Thumbnail Command for RICOH THETA Z1, V and SC2

One of the basic functions of the RICOH THETA camera is showing thumbnails of pictures that have been taken. If you’re building a mobile app for the THETA, there’s a good chance you’ll use thumbnails.

The command is camera.listFiles.

In this video, we tested the Z1, V and SC2, and found clear examples of different responses for the SC2.

If you’d like to use the THETA API tester application called tpreview from this video, the tpreview repo is available here: GitHub - jcasman/tpreview-main: Repo for RICOH THETA API tester command line tool from Oppkey - Oct 2021

At the end of the video, a workaround for the SC2 is mentioned and linked to. If you’d like a detailed description with code examples, please go to RICOH THETA SC2 Developer Information and by entering your email address, you will have access to a wide range of SC2 articles and videos. Under the list of Articles, grab “Getting thumbnails from the RICOH THETA SC2” (PDF).

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First, thanks for putting together this great video and your series of tests. It’s great to see a good explanation of the differences with the SC2 thumbnail display. I created a new repository for an API Test Kit.

The command line demo has a new feature to save the thumbnails or print the thumbnails to console, similar to tpreview.

Converting base64 from console into thumb.jpg for viewing

By using a redirect you can save the output of a single them to a file. It is base64 encoded.

$ ./opptheta thumb --print=1 > thumb.txt

Once the thumbnail is saved to a file, you can convert it to a jpg with the base64 utility.

$ base64 -d thumb.txt > thumb.jpg


you can also copy and paste the thumbnails into a file or pipe it directly to the base64 utility.

$ ./opptheta thumb --print=1 | base64 -d > thumb.jpg

If you don’t have base64 installed (it’s likely on WSL), then you can use an online converter like this:

directly saving thumbnails with opptheta

you also use the thumb --save=5 to save five thumbs to local disk for inspection.

Next Steps

At this point, I don’t have the SC2 thumbnails working. As you pointed out, the syntax is completely different. I’ll next work on the SC2 thumbnails and will update opptheta for an SC2 thumbnail demo.

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