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SOLVED: SC2 listFiles command with thumbnails not working

Moderator Update August 12, 2020: A few workarounds are available. Scroll down on this topic.

I’m trying to get the thumbnails from listFiles api (v2.1). The documentation says to set "maxThumbSize":640 and it is working perfectly with Z1, but with the SC2, the camera just crash and if I disable it ( "maxThumbSize":0) I get a response without issues.
Did someone was able to have it working? I don’t understand how the Theta app is doing it.

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@timbit123, thanks for reporting this. Although I only tested it just now after reading your note, it’s a fairly significant problem. I’ll work with @jcasman to report this to RICOH, but it may take some time to get a response.

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Thanks for your help!
I still don’t understand how the Theta app is able to load thumbnails. Using the api v2 the command camera.listImages is disabled and camera.getImage always return 200 without image data and those are all possibles commands to get thumbnails unless I missed one?
Also, that bug could be related with the street view issue that was reported with that camera

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I have a workaround explained at the site below.

The site has workarounds for these issues:

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