Completely Dead Theta S

I bought a Theta S from Ebay knowing it did not respond. It does not respond to the power button, it does not respond to the 8-10 second power button reset and when you plug it in, no lights come on and neither the battery nor the charger (1.8amps) get warm, indicating it’s not taking a charge.

I have experience in cell phone repair so I took it apart to look for something obvious but, didn’t find anything.

Before I trash this thing, does anyone have any ideas or tips to get it working again?


If you’re going to trash it, try to replace the battery.

$8 with free shipping and handling. Not verified to work. If it works, place post confirmation.

Prior to buying it, you may be able to test the existing battery with a volt meter. Make sure the battery contacts are touching the battery. If you take out the existing battery from the theta and charge it with an third-party charger, does it hold a charge?

teardown pictures