Resolving Problems Connecting to Camera with Wi-Fi


Updated: 2018 October 22

I’ve been trying to help people resolve connection problems to see what the source of their problem is. The problems fall into 3 categories.

Number 1 Problem is Old Firmware

This video will help you upgrade the firmware.

Number 2 Problem is Need to Power Cycle

Make sure you press and hold the power button for longer than 8 seconds. This will turn off the THETA V and reset the THETA SC and THETA S.

See this post on Facebook from someone with a THETA SC.


Number 3 Problem is Need to Disable Battery Optimization


Link to original post


Link to original post




Weird, Unexplained Problems

I recently encountered a problem with using camera features through Wi-Fi. This prevented both the RICOH official mobile app as well as my custom applications from working. I resolved the problem by uninstalling all the plug-ins on my camera and turning off bluetooth. The problem is resolved, but I haven’t been able to identify the original source of the problem.


  • mobile phone connects to camera in AP mode. mobile app does not work
  • phone connects to camera in Client Mode. Mobile app does not work
  • desktop computer connects to camera in AP mode. Only GET commands work. POST commands do not work. osc/info/ works. osc/state does not work


  • used different mobile phones with different operating systems
  • verified firmware and all apps were up to date
  • used different Wi-Fi routers to test client mode
  • used different computers to connect to camera and test API commands directly
  • used different camera (everything worked)


  • deleted all plug-ins using THETA desktop application
  • turned off bluetooth using Vysor
  • rebooted camera by pressing power button for longer than 8 seconds

Confirming Everything Works

  • official mobile app works on Android 9
  • custom applications work on desktop
  • applications work with Bluetooth enabled (did not test with it connected)

Best Guess as to Source of Problem

Although I don’t know the source of the problem, I suspect that a custom plug-in was locking some resource related to the network.


I am running Android Pie 9 and was running THETA V firmware 2.40. I was unable to send commands from the mobile app after establishing Wi-Fi connection. After upgrading to firmware 2.50.1 everything works again.