Resolving Problems Connecting to Camera with Wi-Fi


Update: 2018 October 16

I’ve been trying to help people resolve connection problems to see what the source of the problem is.

Number One Problem is Old Firmware

This video will help you upgrade the firmware.

Number Two Problem is Need to Power Cycle

Make sure you press and hold the power button for longer than 8 seconds. This will turn off the THETA V and reset the THETA SC and THETA S.

See this post on Facebook from someone with a THETA SC.




Weird, Unexplained Problems

I recently encountered a problem with using camera features through Wi-Fi. This prevented both the RICOH official mobile app as well as my custom applications from working. I resolved the problem by uninstalling all the plug-ins on my camera and turning off bluetooth. The problem is resolved, but I haven’t been able to identify the original source of the problem.


  • mobile phone connects to camera in AP mode. mobile app does not work
  • phone connects to camera in Client Mode. Mobile app does not work
  • desktop computer connects to camera in AP mode. Only GET commands work. POST commands do not work. osc/info/ works. osc/state does not work


  • used different mobile phones with different operating systems
  • verified firmware and all apps were up to date
  • used different Wi-Fi routers to test client mode
  • used different computers to connect to camera and test API commands directly
  • used different camera (everything worked)


  • deleted all plug-ins using THETA desktop application
  • turned off bluetooth using Vysor
  • rebooted camera by pressing power button for longer than 8 seconds

Confirming Everything Works

  • official mobile app works on Android 9
  • custom applications work on desktop
  • applications work with Bluetooth enabled (did not test with it connected)

Best Guess as to Source of Problem

Although I don’t know the source of the problem, I suspect that a custom plug-in was locking some resource related to the network.