Conversion tilts at 99 %


I have the following problem. I recently recorded several 2K videos with my Theta Z. I was already able to convert 2 of these 3 videos for MAC using the Theata app so that I can use them in Final Cut Pro X. However, with the 3rd video file the conversion always gets stuck at 99% and the file is therefore unusable. At first glance everything seems to be OK with the original file. I can play it normally and from my point of view it contains no errors.

Does anyone have any tips as to what this could be?

Best regards

first, make a copy of your file. Then, with the copy, not the original, go online and research “repair corrupted video file”.

If no one answers with a specific tool, you could go on one of the many facebook groups for ricoh theta.

There may be a small piece of the file that got corrupted and may be able to be repaired with a tool.

In the future, you can set the Z1 to stitch the video files inside the camera so that you don’t need to use the desktop app. You can set the stitch behavior with the official mobile app.