Convert 360 video into interactive GIF

Other than Gfycat, which is web-based, is there a workflow to convert a 360 video into an interactive 360 looping GIF?

I found this, but I want to do the processing on my PC.

Did you manage to figure this out?

Unfortunately no. The solution has eluded me.

Hi there. I am working on various online tools for 360 content processing and if there’s demand for this particular tool I can think about including it, but I’d like to clarify how it should work. So you upload an equirectangular video and it converts it into equirectangular gif which you can share as a gif (which would look weird), but when people click on it, it opens a page with looped original 360 video?


And also what part of this you want to be processed on your PC? Video to gif conversion? I am pretty sure you already can do it with many various tools. ffmpeg comes to mind first.

Basically I’m just curious if there is simple software that can achieve an effect like this:

Like coub for 360 video. It was popular. Wonder why we don’t hear about it anymore. I’ll see if I can add something like this to my toolset. Not promise it would be quick though.

Absolutely no rush!
It’s just a cool feature I’d like to eventually offer to virtual tour clients.

I have already started working on this, hopefully will present an alpha version soon.

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