Convert 360 video into interactive GIF

Other than Gfycat, which is web-based, is there a workflow to convert a 360 video into an interactive 360 looping GIF?

I found this, but I want to do the processing on my PC.

Did you manage to figure this out?

Unfortunately no. The solution has eluded me.

Hi there. I am working on various online tools for 360 content processing and if there’s demand for this particular tool I can think about including it, but I’d like to clarify how it should work. So you upload an equirectangular video and it converts it into equirectangular gif which you can share as a gif (which would look weird), but when people click on it, it opens a page with looped original 360 video?


And also what part of this you want to be processed on your PC? Video to gif conversion? I am pretty sure you already can do it with many various tools. ffmpeg comes to mind first.

Basically I’m just curious if there is simple software that can achieve an effect like this:

Like coub for 360 video. It was popular. Wonder why we don’t hear about it anymore. I’ll see if I can add something like this to my toolset. Not promise it would be quick though.

Absolutely no rush!
It’s just a cool feature I’d like to eventually offer to virtual tour clients.

I have already started working on this, hopefully will present an alpha version soon.

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It took a bit more time than I thought, but the alpha version is ready.

  1. go to
  2. login (it won’t work for anonymous users)
  3. choose “Loops” at the top
  4. add a 360-degree video, don’t forget to click Upload once the preview is ready
  5. it would generate a gif preview (like the one below) and a link similar to which can be placed in an iframe


iframe markup would look something like

<iframe src=""></iframe>

The video will be infinitely replaying and you can drag it to see different angles. This iframe can be customized with width, height, style, etc. and the video player should automatically take the entire space available in that iframe.



That’s very cool I’ll try it thank you!

This tool is getting better and better!
Is there a video that provides an overview of all the features of this onlline service? I would like to share the intro video with RICOH and the general public.

Just don’t forget that the subscription plans rules apply to these loop files as well (, meaning that while on free plan they would remain available only for 24-48 hours since creation.

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Unfortunately there is no video with overview as I am not very good at video guides production :slight_smile:
But that’s a great idea, I’ll see if I can create / order one.

I can take a shot at an overview video for the community. Do I need any type of special plan to test the features?

Can you put bullet points down about how I should test the service?

I’m not that good of a video editor, but I publish some technical how to videos and other tests to help the community out.

This site is sponsored by RICOH, so we can provide some level of free services to the community members.

You can see the types of videos we publish here:

The quality will be of that same level, which is realistically kind of “hobby or amateur quality.”

Also, is the name of your service ?

How do you want your service referred to?

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That is a nice tutorial in your example. Yes, the website is and is a part of it where users would share their work (converted videos, loops) with clients, other users, etc. I usually refer to this service as to “360 photo converter” which it mostly is.

I know I really need to write a scenario for such tutorial as it’s not immediately obvious how to use this service and there are some nice features. I’ll do it.

I finally managed to record first tutorial video: How to capture still frame from 360° image - YouTube.

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