Convert 360 video to living VR photos - PanoMoments

Apologies for the shameless plug. Let me know if this is against the rules.

We wanted to make it easier to get into creating PanoMoments so we opened up a new UX where you can automatically convert 360 video. Simply upload a 5-10 second clip captured from a static / non-moving camera position, tweak the rotation and you’re done!

You can even upload directly from your mobile phone with your Theta, though the mobile phone UX still needs a little love. We’re also actively looking into creating a Theta plugin with the newly announced SDK that will make it a 1-click capture process :slight_smile:

Give it a try at and feel free to post any feedback here.


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Good example of using PanoMoments with RICOH THETA by community member @khufkens here:

It’s great to have vendors talk about their products and to give users a chance to interact with the vendors. We originally tried to make it easier to find vendors by having an “Ecosystem Discussion” area under “THETA Media”. Maybe that area will gain more momentum now. Your post still comes up under “THETA Media,” so there’s only upside to being grouped into the “Ecosystem Discussion” area.

I added the additional “Ecosystem Discussion tag”

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