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360o - Showcase Your Business with 360 Media

360o is part of the Ricoh THETA unofficial developer ecosystem, if you’re interested in being profiled, register at

What is 360o?

360o uses 360 media to help you showcase your business on Google Maps. When potential customers find your business on Google, they’ll see the 360 images displayed at the top of the search results page. These images also get published on Google Maps. The idea is to give customers a better understanding of your exterior and interior property.

What can you do with it?

Upload the images to Google, Facebook, or your own website:

  • For car and motorhome showrooms - show off your vehicles. Your can sign up for monthly visits from 360o to make sure your stock is up to date.
  • For shops, cafes, and restaurants - show off your brand, service, and style. Let customers be able to reserve their tables based on the images you provide.
  • For galleries and museums - use teasers of exhibits to pull in visitors.
  • Hotels - show off rooms, conference facilities, and communal areas.

What are the features?

  • The Google Maps entry will feature a clickable icon that, when clicked, will show more information, like opening times, reviews, panoramas, and pictures from other sources.
  • Add clickable hotspots to store windows to entice people to look inside at the interior 360 image.
  • Add hotspots to the main selling points.
  • Embed 360 pictures directly into the website so it’s viewable on any device like mobile phones or VR HMDs.

Where can you get it?

360o is based in Newcastle, England. They come to you with their equipment, but you have to be within a certain area. For a flat fee you’ll get five 360 photographs taken around your business, which will then be uploaded to Google Maps.

You can find pricing here:
And contact information here:


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