CyberLink PowerDirector 2024 have now AI edit and can edit 8K video

CyberLink PowerDirector 2024 Ultimate have now AI edit and can edit 8K video

you just have to make a small hack in the profile.ini file to make it happen
situated in the below location on a PC ( the 2024 version lies in \22.0\UserConfigure )


here after you can Upload your Video to YouTube and play the video in 360 8K
NOTE: Youtube stopped playing 5K video 2022
so you have to enlarge the 5,7K file to 8K 7680x3840
In the Chinese software you can actually enlarge the 5.7K video to 8K in the 5.7 stitching process :+1:
i do not have the latest THETA X camera in hand so i doesn’t know about it will work in the THETA app :question:
Here are an example on a 5.7 video enlarged to 8K
Regards Svendus