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THETA S Video 8000 Kbps
Mc start to benefit the prosteta cancer fund
The video are edited in CyberLink PowerDirector 15 (64-bit)
the website Created with Pano2VR


This is a really cool video. The combination of Cyberlink PowerDirector and Pano2VR appears to work well! Just asking a question about the get-together. In the US, motorcycle groups tend to have a slightly “edgy” reputation. Outside of a normal lifestyle. This may or may not be deserved, many different types of people own motorcycles, of course. And I know of motorcycle groups that do very positive things like this (supporting cancer funds). Are motorcyclists considered “outsiders” in Sweden ?

@jcasman we have bad and good Guys i Sweden to
we are small groups of Veterans round 200 members
not considered Outsiders
this race was a mixture of both categorys
because protata canser we hurt bad and good Guys i Sweden to
we are small groups of Veterans round 200 members
not considered Outsiders
this race vas a mixture of both categorys
because prostata cancer hurts both groups :innocent:

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Are you in the video? I saw someone nearby with their smartphone, I thought it might be you controlling the THETA. Do you own a motorcycle, Sven? If so, which category are you? :wink:

Yes we have a Yamaha SR 400 and a Yamaha Tricity but they are not so old that they can join this rally for bikes before 1945 the motorcycle filming are Svendus with a Sony Action cam
Stabilization are sonys cropping from 170 to 120 degree

which category are you?

i think we are uncategorised
not bad nor good :relaxed:

Ok, you’re “uncategorized.” :slight_smile: Anyway, such a fantastic video! Cool old bikes, green surroundings, lots of smiles, beautiful country roads. Thanks very much for sharing.

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