Does the latest official Theta app have less functionality for the S?

I recently added a Theta V to my stable, and as such I had to update my official Theta app in order to connect to the new camera. Now it seems that my old Theta S has less adjustable options in the app than it did with the older app, and I cannot get any live view in video mode at all. I could swear that this used to work better than this. Using Android here.

Is it just my imagination or has the official Theta app crippled it’s Theta S functionality recently?

Was the live preview only in “still image” mode before?
Can you see the live preview in still image mode and then switch to video to start recording?

I don’t remember what it was like before, that’s kinda the point - I’m hoping somebody else remembers more clearly, but I thought there was live preview and image adjustments in both modes before.

I don’t need to see the live-view actually, after so many years of shooting 360 with multicam rigs I honestly don’t find the live-view useful at all and never use it for framing, but I need to change white balance - which seems to be no longer possible with the app. I thought one could do this previously, but one certainly cannot now.

I did confirm that I can’t change the white balance the the THETA S video using the mobile app. I can change it with the THETA V.

I don’t recall ever change the white balance for the video though.

It’s not clear if this API ever worked with the THETA S.

According to the user manual, it doesn’t seem like the white balance for the video of the THETA S could ever be adjusted.

Bummer :frowning: Thank you for looking into it, this forum rocks.

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