Drone FPV 360 VR Unity

Hello, am new to all this, but I have embarked on a project for my drone. My goal is to live stream a 360 image via standard hobbyist 5.8GHz fpv transmitter and receiver. Have the receiver attached to an android phone where the stream is attached to the inside of a sphere where the user is able to look around in a 360 view.

I have developed the 360 sphere in Unity but I have hit a wall. I do not know how to write code and I need a UVC script that allows the 360 steam to be displayed from the port on the phone to the sphere in Unity for 360 viewing. Another issue I have is that the live stream video is not always in equirectangular. so i need a script that will covert the stream into a equirectangular view.

Am have come to the theat360 community looking for assistance as i have been told that this kind of project has been tried.