Dual Fisheye Livestream for the Theta V?

Hey there,

I wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas on getting the Theta V to stream raw dual fisheye as a livestream instead of just having the Theta V stitch it on board. I want the stitching, but I believe that due to having it on the Theta V, it increases the latency. I’m trying to stream the Theta V wirelessly to a VR Headset, and using existing plugins and projects we got the stream to work, but the latency is still too high for our project specification (400-500 ms delay is what we are currently experiencing). It’s hypothesized that if we move the stitching/video processing from the camera and onto the computer, the latency could potentially decrease.


Information is here:

Note, I changed the title of your post slightly to avoid confusion with RAW / DNG images.

I’m a little confused about the modification for dual paraboloid part of the graphic. How did they modify the plug-in. I’m actually using that plug-in as a part of one of my solutions and have it connect to a Unity script that overlays the feed over a sphere that the VR Headset views

Source code to the plug-in is here:


I wrote a Go RTMP server that runs locally on a private network, and the camera streams to that rtmp address. A custom client plugin for UE4 connects to the RTMP server and feeds the frames into textures. The textures are then post-processed in a UE4 material to stitch the paraboloid halves back together again. The stitching isn’t perfect (and not as good as the Theta’s internal stitching), as you can see by this image:

You may be able to use a third-party service such as the ones described here:


If you pursue your own server as the relay, Andrew used this server as the base:

It’s possible that the developer of the “Dawn of the New Age” project, Andrew Moffatt, might be willing to provide you with some advice or even pointers to code if you pursue this path.

A number of other people on this forum have more experience than I do with different streaming techniques into headsets.

You may get more help if you can share more information about your project.