Embed THETA 360 Photos Into Construction Industry Documents

Bluebeam recently announced support of 360 Photos in Revu 2017. They include the RICOH THETA as part of their list of supported cameras.

Their primary focus is on capturing construction progress. From their site: “Utilize Capture to embed immersive panorama images into your markups to easily track construction progress.”

RICOH THETA images can be added to the construction drawing by right-clicking on the drawing. In the drop-down menu, Capture → From File…

Select your RICOH THETA image from your computer.

You can view the images by clicking on the camera icon on your construction document.

If it is a RICOH THETA image, then a 360 navigation icon will appear in the upper right corner.

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I confirmed that this solution can’t measure the distance in the 360 photo. I believe that HoloBuilder does this.

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Hi Craig,
Thanks for the email. Revu does not have the ability to take measurements on a 360 photo.

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Bluebeam, Inc.
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Craig thank you for sharing this. I would also encourage people in the Construction, Engineering, or Architecture world to look at StructionSite. We work closely with Bluebeam and PDF standards in construction documentation.

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Matt, I don’t know that much about Bluebeam. Do your customers use StructionSite with Bluebeam? Or, do they generally choose either StructionSite or Bluebeam?

Definitely both, we are not competitors. We have focused more on the capture process to make that seamless for the user and fast in the field, but our data often ends up in Bluebeam’s hands as a deliverable. Generally our customers will use StructionSite for capture and organization of their jobsite photos, then send all that information as a hyperlinked PDF to Bluebeam for viewing or delivery to a client.


Matt, thanks for the clarification. I’ll add this to the feature article I’m working on that provides a profile of StructionSite.

BTW, I did a basic search on technologies to handle position tracking in museums and retail stores.

These are the main methods:

  • WiFi
  • LiDAR
  • RFID
  • mobile phone station

The THETA V added Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity in addition to WiFi.

The the new connectivity and the upcoming THETA App marketplace, it seems possible to connect something to the THETA V that then enables position calculation based on on-site equipment. DEWALT announced a WiFi and IoT platform, but there are no details as to what that entails. There are also no details on the THETA app marketplace timeframe or when developers can access the Android OS inside of the THETA.

Appreciate the follow up Craig. The folks at DeWalt I think have something planned in a future release of their onsite mesh network which will allow tracking of devices that are wifi and/or bluetooth. If the Theta does both I’m sure we will be able to make it work! Super exciting

Rob McKinney knows some people at DEWALT. I’ll talk to @jcasman and the managers at Ricoh about putting on a construction industry and 360 webinar with people like you, Rob, and DEWALT on the panel.

IMO, doing a concrete marketing activity like a webinar is also a good way to learn about technical partner opportunities with DEWALT.

Rob was in the panel below, so he’s got to have contacts there. :slight_smile:

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Yeah we’re close with Rob, I’ll ping him and see if we can do some testing.
We were out on a DeWalt connected site in LA a few weeks ago but we didn’t
have this newness

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