Facebook upload

Hi all,

Very new to this so please excuse my naivety! I have just got the Theta V. Great camera but when I go to upload the 360 video from my iPhone 11 to Facebook it doesn’t display the 360 on my post, just a normal “stretched” video. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Did you edit the image? Or, did you use the Facebook mobile app to upload the THETA image from your phone to FB?

There is quite a lively FB group here:

I’m sure that if you post a question there, many people will tell you how they upload photos.

I used the theta app to download from my camera then saved the video to my phone, used the Facebook app to upload the video but it didn’t display in 360. The still photos were fine though.

that process should work. The video may take 15 minutes to register as 360 (or it might be instant now days). Try joining the FB group. You can also test on FB with a private note on your wall that only you can see. That way, you don’t have to upload test clips to all your FB friends.

Thank you for your help. I’ll be sure to join the groups.