Finally got wireless live streaming to work!

Wow… So the issue really is - that the docs are outdated and confusing. Probably because they were converted from Chinese or something.

The two main things you need to do.

1 - get the cam on the same wifi as your phone. The trick here is - once you set up the wifi on the camera thru the doc… you have to hit the black bar on the bottom of the app on the phone - that doesn’t look like a button - to find the camera. It says something like LAN - but actually looks more like an error message.

2 – once the plugin is installed – and you choose to start the plugin – it opens up the web page that you need to enter the info in… BUT here’s the trick — you need to start by clicking the camera - - NOT clicking start stream. because for some reason the web page keeps any old stream key information in the page - - and the only way to over-ride it - - is to click the camera start key - - NOT thru the app on the phone.

IF you do these two things - you will save hours of misery.


@iamralphsutton, thank you for your contribution. This is what the site is all about, guys like you helping out other people. I know the docs are outdated. I’m sure other people will benefit from your tips.

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@iamralphsutton Hi, Sorry but I have a very basic question. I am not able to make sure my iPhone and Theta V are on the same wifi. Where could I be going wrong? My wifi is protected via Mac id for security.

one thing they talk about is getting your router in WAP mode - if there’s a security like that… different for every router.

I would also need to know - at what point are you getting stuck – and sadly - I don’t know iphone at all… I am way better w android/pc combo.

Client mode configuration guide: