Flow Tours Wireless Live Streaming - Better than YouTube and Facebook - Quality, Features

Full 75 minute presentation from SXSW RICOH Booth now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Laszlo Varga, founder and CEO of Flow Tours, presents a high-performance plug-in for live 360 events. The system has an unique interface that allows the administrator to add more detailed images and text to the 4K video stream from the Z1. Includes ability to sell tickets to “live entertainment” events, perfect for current health restrictions on public events. Uses cloud-based GPU processing for transcoding video for optimized mobile experiences. Supports VR view in a browser.

Company Site: Front page | FlowTours

Additional Details of the Video Stream

Move Overlay Images


Content Management System for Video


Real-Time video stitching.

VR View

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@biviel is your service close to being ready for public use?

I got some interesting comments from community member Derek Firth on the YouTube comments of this video.

Seems like he wants to stream while walking around, but the current Z1 wireless live streaming plug-in is a bit difficult to set up.

There also appears to be some audio noise from the Insta360 One X2 streaming from a mobile phone when he’s riding on a motorized device a Onewheel (like a skateboard with one wheel).

Thought it was some interesting feedback as your demo showed you walking around with the Z1 and streaming.

hi, Craig!

Thanks for your note! I disappeared, work work work and more work to do. I also made it work in 180 mode in dual fish eye mode, doing some UI changes to cover that process on front end in browsers.

Yes, it’s close to start testing, in theory I could finish next 1-2 weeks the plugin and platform to finalize too. I’m working on website to control Z1 from there directly, I mean configuring Z1, lite bitrate, RTMP URL, to pick equirectangular or dual fisheye , to replace that inbuilt http server and to control access at the same time via simple UI.

I responded to youtube comment, thanks!

Would you like to have a private demo to see the process, let me know, please, could do one next week for you!


@biviel , great to hear you’re making progress.

Do you have a way to get the IP address of the THETA Z1 when the mobile phone is used as the hotspot? I believe the configuration of the existing Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in is a real weak spot.

In addition to the IP address, it seems possible to pre-configure the the RTMP server as that doesn’t change. Depending on your log-in options, you may be able to pre-configure the RTMP key as well.

As you’re busy, you can likely just record the demo of features in a private video and just share the private video with me and Jesse.

At least a month prior to when you want to promote it, either for testing or commercial use, we should schedule video meeting to discuss both functionality and promotion.

We can provide limited promotional assistance for free, including a write up on this site and inclusion in an opt-in email newsletter from .guide (not an official RICOH announcement).

@craig , I’m doing it the other way. I’m connecting the Z1 via http to my website to pull specific information/configuration set by specific user.Of course during communication I use encryption with 128bit keys, etc. So before pushing that button on Z1 to start streaming it connects automatically to my flow.tours website to pull the configuration data that was set by the owner of that Theta on my website directly. There is also an RTMP field that the user can manage and set. I do not want to hard wire to use only to my platform, but clearly quality and some other formats may not work in that case (like stitching in browser, when using HDR shooting mode for streaming).

Heating is still an issue… I did not respond yet to your last note you shared test results done by Ricoh with original wireless streaming plugin. But that plugin streams in pure quality and still it stopps working in about 30 minutes for me. I tried using 2.4g, 5g wifi, playing around with quality settings there, etc. but in a room temperature without AC, on an original camera without heatsinks,e tc. it stopps because of heating, it shuts down. :frowning:

My plugin also cant work more than 25-30 minutes in same environment, but the quality is much better. I could make it run longer by decreasing quality, but it makes no sense at this point. With 180 degree mode I’m able to reduce bandwidth need and keep proper quality, but heating is also there too.

So if I understand correctly, when my plugin is finished it will still take about 1 month to make it available in Ricoh Theta Store?

“At least a month prior to when you want to promote it, either for testing or commercial use, we should schedule video meeting to discuss both functionality and promotion.”

This means we are already late. :slight_smile: I would like to schedule a call with you then for next week as would like to promote testing in a month, around end of May preferable to start testing. Do you think this is feasible?

I will record a short video next few days to introduce to you first the workflow to setup streaming, and I would appreciate if could start a test period somewhere end of May. But let’s come back to that and meet next 1-2 weeks if possible.



the plug-in I developed is available now for download at Ricoh Plug-in Store: HDR Wireless Live Streaming | RICOH THETA Plug-in Store

I also recorded a tutorial video about installation/setup: https://youtu.be/jEG1iHIGNwc



Great news! Just a heads up that the audio is a little soft on the setup video on YouTube

Are you saying that the Go Live button will not be clickable unless I have 12Mbps upstream bandwidth?


On my computer, the Go Live button never becomes clickable. I have around 500Kbps upstream bandwidth.

Hi, @craig ,
Facebook is checking the connection and if it’s not approriate/stable enough for the settings it will not become available to start… But on UI after logint to flow.tours you can lower bitrate/bandwidth to 6Mbps, also quality will decrease of course.

I’m checking to do adjustments to limit equirectangular format but only from 1 lens in that case with 6Mbps you will get also good quality.

In some cases I need to start twice to stream to facebook, not sure why, but only when starting to stream, it may be network related. Let me know if you managed to stream to Facebook. Also for me live event is in 4k, but when trying to view the recorded stream it’s downgraded to 2k by Facebook… Could you confirm this please? However even that 2k looks good, as the original stream was in 4k.

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I’m just reading again your message, you have only 500Kbps upstream, thats extremly low, even on my mobile nowhere in Hungary I can find such a low upstream. Did you use speedtest.net to measure? You used to stream from OBS studio from another location I guess, right?

I’m now getting 1.8Mbps upstream when no one else is using the network. My daughter and son were here for a while using Zoom for classes.

Many people ask about using a single lens. It could be a good differentiating feature for your plug-in and service.

Since Facebook and YouTube can’t stream 180 degree video feed, it would be a nice feature of your service.

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@craig ,
you should definitely go to Hvar to that bay, even you could take your kids and on that tiny spot you would get >16Mbps for streaming plus 2-3Mbps for kids AT THE SAME TIME! :slight_smile:

Really, I got really interested where are you located? Can’t you easily extend your bandwidth with service provider?