Flutter Deployment to Web with GitHub Actions Using flutter-actions and flutter-gh-pages

Tutorial on deploying a Flutter web application to GitHub Pages using GitHub actions with steps from flutter-actions and flutter-gh-pages. The build for Flutter web is triggered by a push of your Flutter app to the main branch of GitHub.

code for this tutorial: GitHub - codetricity/dot_guide_pano: Flutter example of using panorama_viewer for 360 image display
flutter-action: GitHub - subosito/flutter-action: Flutter environment for use in GitHub Actions. It works on Linux, Windows, and macOS.
flutter-gh-pages: GitHub - bluefireteam/flutter-gh-pages: Automates the build and deployment of your Flutter web app on Github gh pages

Video #1 in series - Flutter 360 Image Tutorial for Beginners and How to Get Free 360 Images

Video #2 in series: Flutter 360 Image Thumbnail Tutorial

Flutter tutorial to use 360 images with thumbnail navigation. Uses panorama_viewer as the main way to display and navigate 360 images.


I had an error [remote rejected] HEAD - gh-pages (push declined due to repository rule violations) on the build due to a false positive on sk being incorrectly interpreted as a secret key. There is a link in the log of the GitHub Actions build to handle the false positive.