Flutter Tutorials

The tutorial below uses Flutter 2.0, Dart 2.12 with null safety, Provider 5.0, and Panorama (for 360 images). The 360 images are supplied with the included GitHub repo so you don’t have to create your own.

The Flutter Widgets and http packages are fairly easy for people to use. Many people have difficulty initially with more complex apps that required state management beyond setState.

I think the Provider package is the easiest strategy for state for people to learn.

This video provides an overview of an app we’re building to take images inside of a car and test different light conditions.

To connect to the RICOH THETA camera (all models), I use the http package of Flutter.

An upcoming video will explain how to use http, which is required to connect to the THETA camera. The default for most platforms, including Android and iOS, is https.

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