Foundation: _NSSetLongLongValueAndNotify crash on HTTPStream class

Hello Team ,

Few of our customers facing this crash(Got from Xcode crashes , crashlytics portal) at HTTPStream class. Not sure what NSoperation thread affecting this and making the app to crash , its not easily reproducible

How safe it will be if we rewrite this forloop

@synchronized(_buffer) {
            [_buffer getBytes:b1 range:NSMakeRange(i, 2)];
            if (EOI_MARKER[0] == b1[0]) {
                if (EOI_MARKER[1] == b1[1]) {
                    eoi = i;

Are you using the old SDK or the new theta-client ?

I think there was a problem with high load on iOS with the old SDK due to the way the loop was constructed.

Likely unrelated as it relates to Android.

from tamy, but for Android

The theta sample app here: does have a bug where the live preview goes black on the SC2. If you are knowledgable in java, an EOFException occurs in readMJpegFrame() in MJpegInputStream. There is a relatively simple workaround if you are able to develop. Make the call to camera.getLivePreview again after after this occurs. Hope this helps!

Hello @craig : We are still using the old sdk. Does the new sdk supports project running with objc + swift tech or is it only made for swift project?

Can you open an issue on GitHub with this question?

The RICOH engineers seem to be responding.

theta-client uses Kotlin Multiplatform.

Kotlin Multiplatform | Kotlin Documentation

I think it can be linked to Objective C, but I am not sure.

The example provided to use the theta-client library is only in Swift.