Free Android / Java Course for THETA V Owners


As part of the Star Trails Timelapse Challenge, qualified participants will receive this general Android course as a free gift. The course will be applicable to any developer that wants to build Android apps for distribution on Android phones. As the RICOH THETA runs Android OS, much of the material and techniques will be relevant. This course does not cover development techniques specific to the RICOH THETA.

  • 98 lectures
  • 17.5 hours of video
  • 1 GB of reusable developer assets with sound, image, icons, templates. 11,000 files in asset pack
  • Lifetime access. You can continue to use after the challenge is over.


How to Get This Course For Free

  1. Register for the Star Trails Timelapse Challenge - You will immediately receive a fully functional trial stitching app and plug-in starter kit

  2. Send proof that you are in the RICOH THETA Plug-in Partner Program. Registration is free. (You need to register to unlock developer features in your camera). You will receive an email explaining how to send a screenshot to show your registration

  3. That’s it! We will send you a code so you can go online and take the course

If you have any questions or problems receiving your free course, send an email to

Additional Course Information

Designed for students with some Java experience. I’ve gone through the course and feel that only basic Java experience is needed. There is a Java language basic section included in the course. The focus is on Android development.

There are 27 videos from Paolo with Android development lessons freely available on YouTube. No registration required. The gift course you will receive has 98 videos in it.

Sample Lessons

Sensor Lessons (generic Android phone, not specific to RICOH THETA)

Star Trail Timelapse Challenge - Free Software with Every Registration

If you are new to Java/Android and do not already have the Java SDK and an IDE on your system, you can get started with an online IDE like
The Java course video shows the Eclipse IDE for the Java section. You can download and install that ,but it is a big, complex IDE that might overwhelm some people.

You can just log into and go through the basic Java tutorials with the online IDE. At some point, you will need to install Android Studio, but if you just want to go through the Java sections easily to start with, is a good choice.

Here are some screenshots of


You won’t be able to develop apps for the THETA V using For that ,you’ll need Android Studio. Online IDEs will just help you dive into the Java courses quickly if you are starting there.

This is the Java section of the curriculum that I started to test.

Update 12/6 just announced multiplayer mode, which allows you to code with your friends, similar to how GoogleDocs works for normal text.


I’ve recently completed the first of 7 applications as part of the free course (for THETA V owners) Android Developers Portfolio Masterclass - Build 7 Apps. If you have a THETA V, you can send @jcasman a picture of your THETA V serial number and he’ll help you get set up.

The class is great for novice developers. My middle school daughter also completed an application. If you complete an app, post a picture. :slight_smile:


The picture of the serial number will look something like this:

Stuff I Learned

  • setting up Gradle dependencies in the build.gradle file
    • importing Android libraries from GitHub
    • importing Android design libraries
  • creating and organizing fragments in the views package
  • modifying layouts with XML
  • modifying string values in res > values > strings.xml
  • using material design color themes
  • using the controller and PagerAdapter to switch between fragments

Android Studio and Android SDK

If you’re not familiar with Android Studio, it’s good. The level of tools is amazing. The tools are free to use. You do not need to buy anything to get started. Everything is free.

XML Text Editing of Layouts

Drag and Drop Design View of Layouts

Color and Theme Tools

Gradle Build System

Get the Course

  1. Send @jcasman a DM or email with a picture of your serial for a THETA V
  2. He will send you a code for the free course and help sign you up for the challenge and partner program (which you need in order to unlock your THETA V and progress to building plug-ins for the THETA V)

You do not need to complete the challenge to get this course. This course is free just for registering (with camera serial number). If you complete the challenge, you will get a bigger Unity course for free.