Jalbum THETA S test

Test of the comming Photo Spheres for jAlbum 14.2

announced by davidekholm

Download the Beta on this link:

The Tiger skin in the JAlbum application tells you
A Google API key is required if you have more than 25,000 map views per day is required if you have more than 25,000 map views per day

but that is rather old information
To day you need a Google API key and gives you 25,000 map views per day
if you have above this amount of visits you have to pay


Tips: custom link in the footer
make a iOS direct link in the footer if you want to embed the album on your site or Blog
to make it run n an iPad or iPhone

Note: if the images are uploaded to Google Maps on the same GPS position
the Yelow G-man will show you around when you click on and drag him to the spot

Regards Svendus

This is not the only jAlbum skin supporting the display of spherical panaoramas, the PhotoSwipe skin supports it too, see this example album and the Slide Show 4 skin will support this too. Both skins support also the display of cylindrical panoramas.


Good to know Thank You
We are Apple iOS invalids and can only se
HTML5 sheared stuf.
Flash are banned by Apple on mobile devises years back.

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Flash is banned as it should be.
Flash is evil! :grinning:


it is acturly the Swedish translation that are incoreckt
changed the language and the English translation are Ok

Here’s Tiger 1.4.2 that works with jAlbum 14.2.
Laca Molnar the creater of the skin don’t want to release the next version of the skin until 14.2 comes out officially.

360 player has auto-pano, zoom and fullscreen functions
Option to disable the 360 player even if image holds the “projectionType=equiRectangular” attribute

No preview image is sent to 360-viewer as jAlbum 14.2 provides the proper resolution image
Changed 360 player from “Google VRview” to “Photo Sphere Viewer” by Jérémy Heleine https://github.com/JeremyHeleine/Photo-Sphere-Viewer

360 player’s full screen mode is buggy on Chrome/Windows

Here are a new JAlbum test with Zoom Fullscreen and Cardboard


in this place the Google Robot cam has been very active
try to drag the little Yellow G-man out on the map

I don’t understand your remark about Flash. Both skins do not use Flash and the generated albums are without problems correctly displayed on an iPhone and on an iPad.

All right sorry
for me it only showed a scrollbar flat image.
First when i clicked the fullscreen icon it display a zoomed 360 view, but ok sorry my mistake, we normally newer click on fullscreen icons in the browser because we know it is banned i iOS

A surgesstion were for you to change the icon to a 360 one
Regards Svendus