Getting Faster File Download Speeds with the RICOH THETA Z1

Use 5Ghz if you have clear line of site to the camera and it is close

My tests achieved 22Mbps download speeds from Z1 to local device (in this case, a laptop). The device can be a mobile phone. This is more than 600% faster than the maximum download speed of an SC2

  • If the Z1 is within 0.5 meters of the device you are connecting to and there is no obstacle (such as a wall) between the camera and the device
  • if you’re outside or in a space where you have a clear line of site to the camera

Use 2.4Ghz if the camera signal has to pass through a wall

within 0.5 meters and no barriers, maximum speed was 5Mbps. Although this is faster than the SC2 (3.5Mbps in my test), you’re better off using 5Ghz.

However, if you pass through a wall, 2.4Ghz was faster than 5Ghz in my test.

At 8 meters away and passing through a wall, the Z1 using 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi was 200% faster than the SC2.

More information on the tests are available in the video.