Theta v cloud 360 video uploud speed


I would like to know what are the maximum speeds for 360 video upload to the cloud. In particular, i am looking to develop a plugin which would upload the video directly to my remote server (just a normal folder in a PC). I have a reouter on site, and the employees will put the camera close to the router. Then i need automatic upload. But I am looking for a satisfactory speed. I would need 600 MB video to upload in more or less 60 seconds. Is that doable? The router upload speeds could go up to 100mega bits per second. Thanks

Are you looking for the WiFi throughput of the THETA V?

The specifications here indicate the camera supports 5Ghz

See this test with the Z1.

At 0.5 meters away, I got 22Mbps using 5GHz.

Do you have a THETA V? Can you record a video and test it yourself?

I’m using curl in the test.

Hi, Thanks Craig. I dont have the theta v, i have just seen it has been discontinued. But i am looking for the speed of uploads when the camera is being the client, meaning that when the camera connects to a router. Your test is when the camera is the access point (phone connecting to the camera). For example, gopro has the ability to upload to cloud, but is super slow when acting as a client, and on top of that its not flexible to developers. So, I am looking for a camera which can deliver speed of 100 Mbps to upload the videos, but also if possible upload them onto custom server. I hope i am being at least a bit more clear what i am trying to achieve. Best

I don’t think you’re going to get 100 Mbps. @biviel has a plug-in, HDR Wireless Live Streaming that works in client mode. I believe he’s getting over 20Mbps transmission with his plug-in for a live stream.

This might be the most relevant information as to how the WiFi chipset in the camera performs in client mode.

How big is the file you are planning to move from the camera to the server? Is it like a 20GB file?

I don’t have a 5GHz test router right now. The router I primarily use for testing is an old 2.4GHz router, which is going to be much slower.

Amazing Craig. Thanks a lot. The files are around 600-800 MB large. But I need it to be fast. Because its dynamic and camera needs to be reused fast. Maximum 1 minute and a half needs to be ready and video uploaded. This would be an upgrade to my system where I am currently using download to my Raspberry Pi which then uploads the video. I am trying to minimize all components.

@biviel was this limited to 20Mbps due to the router/data transfer contract or due to theta? I also saw that theta works well with meshed networks which is amazing. Do you happen to know if this is also true for uploading files?