Going Live with Richo Theta V always end with connection Failed

Hello everyone,

I urgently need help re-configuring my Theta V.
It was working fine and live stream was working like a charm, i don’t know why it doesn’t work anymore!

Whenever i start Live stream it return a connection failed and connot open home page (ip_address:8888)

The moment i successes to display the home page it display server URL NULL, see below image:

I really appreciate any kind of help

Are you using an iOS or Android device to start the plug-in web gui?

You can get the IP address of the camera from the mobile app by going to settings → Camera version.


Type the IP address into the webGUI manually.

I am using Android OS and actually i am using Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in.
The scenario exactly:
-I connect my android device to the Theta wifi
-From Theta app i register my Theta and connect it to wifi
-Also from Theta app i go to plug-in section and check Wireless Live streaming
-Click on the wifi button until it become green
-I got the IP address of my Theta using Net Analyzer
-When i click the mode button to activate Live stream, it directly gives connection failed even if i didn’t click the button start stream from the web page.

I am using the last update of Theta application and the last firmware version 3.60.1

Maybe this can help:
when i run this API from Postman:
i got this:

"fingerprint": "FIG_0001",
"state": {
    "_apiVersion": 2,
    "batteryLevel": 0.81,
    "_batteryState": "disconnect",
    "_cameraError": [],
    "_captureStatus": "idle",
    "_capturedPictures": 0,
    "_latestFileUrl": "",
    "_pluginRunning": false,
    "_pluginWebServer": true,
    "_recordableTime": 0,
    "_recordedTime": 0,
    "storageUri": ""

Hi, there are two modes for the THETA V wi-fi connection:

  1. client mode, where your router assigns an IP address
  2. access point mode, where the THETA is at

The mobile app can connect to the camera with client mode and access point mode.

If you have the IP address of the THETA camera from Net Analyzer, can you open that IP address in a browser?

For example, don’t press on the button in the mobile app, but follow this process:

  1. configure the THETA V client mode with the mobile app
  2. turn off the mobile app
  3. press the Wi-Fi button the camera body until the Wi-Fi is green. It should be blinking, then will turn solid green when it connects to your router
  4. use some mechanism to get the IP address of the camera. For example, log into the admin console of your router and find the IP address of the camera. Or, use the Net Analyzer to find the IP address of the camera. It should not be
  5. start the plug-in by pressing and holding the lower mode button for longer than 2 seconds
  6. with the IP address in hand, open a browser on the laptop, desktop or mobile phone. The device must be on the same network as your THETA V. It will be something like or some set of numbers on your network. The four digits after the : are the port and needs to always be 8888

What is the IP address that Net Analyzer is showing for the camera?

Try to follow this tutorial

In a web browser, it will look like this:


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Thank you so much for your detailed response :slight_smile:
I managed to solve the issue by uninstalling the Wireless Live stream plugin (V1.1.1) and re-installing it (V 1.1.3)


Thank you for sharing the solution. It will help other people. Have a nice day.