Google Photos Equirectangular photo sharing

Hi Guys i Think you already know ?
That Google Photos have 360 viewer and support
so you can share your Equiangular images Private to Friends (email) , Circles or Public
here are some screenshots from Picasa3 on a Windows Desktop

Click upload

Login to your Account

Upload to existing Album or create a new one

Now you Can share your Equiangular images to friends, cirkels or public

If you made a note for Google+ it will be there automatically

We made a link on Google+ to the images on Google Maps to make the place easy to find

If You are on Linux or do not have Picasa 3 installed it is easy to do the upload in the Browser also

Regards Svendus


Google Photos Support 360 Video if you inject metadata after editing
You can share it private to your circles or public and even allow your friends to share images to the Album.


What has happened with the 360 photo shering
now the images become black with white triangels with ! sighns

single image are running but not when you add images to an album